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Buyer's Guide

Step 1: Determining if You are Ready to Buy
The first step when deciding to buy a home is to examine your current financial standing. A couple of questions you should ask yourself are:
Do you have a stable job and income?
Do you have 3 months of savings?
Do you have money saved for down payment and closing costs?
Is your credit at least 560?

Step 2: Consultation 
After you have determined you are in a position to buy a house, contact us to schedule an in person or phone consultation where our licensed loan officers will further analyze your financials, credit, and determine the maximum amount you can be pre-approved for as well as what program will best suit your goals. If you are in a financial position to buy a home you will complete a mortgage application and your credit will be pulled.

We will require the following documents:
-CA driver's license or ID
-Social Security Card
-Last 2 months bank statements
-2 recent pay stubs
-Last 2 years W2 forms
-Last 2 years Income tax returns

Step 3: Pre-approval letter
Following the completion of the loan application we will submit it in the automated underwriter where we will get a yes or no answer. If yes a pre-approval letter will be issued that shows the maximum about you can afford and allows you to make an offer on a house. A pre-approval letter is important so you only look at homes that are within your budget and when you find one you like you will be able to make a quicker stronger offer. 

Step 4: Finding a Home
Once you have been pre-approved you are ready to go house hunting. One of our real estate agents will find you homes on the multiple listing service based on your criteria and will make an appointment for a showing for the ones you are interested in. If you find a home you want to buy, the agent will make an offer. If it is accepted then the house is yours and you will move forward to closing. 

Step 5: Preparing to Close
After an accepted offer you will then proceed to a home inspection, appraisal, and loan underwriting. During this time avoid making big purchases or even applying for a department store credit card. 

Step 6: Closing
Three days before closing date you will received the Closing Disclosure that will have a summary of all costs. 
On closing day bring your ID, cashier's check or proof of wired funds 

How to apply
You can apply by phone, email us your application, or schedule a time for us to call you and take an application over the phone
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